The importance and benefits of Doing cardio are clear and in our faces every day , but unfortunately many people don't know what constitutes as effective cardio, so Run for a couple of miles and Be healthy, but that is not all because today's people needs to be strong, fast, and athletic.

I recommend you one hour on the elliptical every single day or also you can walk on a super inclined treadmill

For weight loss, you might need even more (up 60-90 minutes) depending on your diet and other activities. it's tough keeping all these rules straight and the good news is that you don't have to. Sometimes it's best to forget the rules and get back to the basics: cardio isn't just for weight loss "don't forget that"

if you have a sedentary job, think about how your body feels at end of the day. Do you have tight muscles, an aching back, feel exhausted even though you haven't done anything physical ? maybe your shoulders burn from tension and your head hurts from staring at a computer screen for too long. Now, think about how your body feels after a workout.

your muscles are warm and flexible, the blood is pumping through your body, providing oxygen and energy. You feel energized, confident, proud of yourself and ready to take on the world. it's much different, isn't it ? Our body are made to move--not sit around all day and yet, that's exactly what we are doing.

So wake up, Stand up, eat healthy, drink a lot of water and always think that workout is your therapy not your punisher.


The "Expand Your Network with Diego Valdez: be fearless without filters" Creative Invite managed by Talenthouse's own Christian William Conway (on the top right picture), has come to an end with amazing photography entries. The selected artist winner for this invite was multitalented Jordan Chantel, a photographer, model, and actor that won a one-on-one coaching session in Los Angles with Michael Tigar. Michael is the founder of Tigar Hare Studios in Hollywood where Jordan would get the opportunity to learn lots of great tips to enhance her overall skills. Jordan also won a strategic meeting with a Hollywood casting director - Danielle Eskinazi. Jordan found her way from being an actress to being in front of photographs and posing to being curious and eventually borrowing her moms camera to be on the other end and taking pictures of everything. Photography became her passion after 3 years of shooting sports for her university team and other subjects.